Photo by Kate Jackson Photography.

Photo by Kate Jackson Photography.


At seven years old I was the proud owner of a Pokemon Pikachu film camera that imprinted a colorful frame of monsters around each photo. I treasured unflattering photos I made of my friends and family and I kept them in a photo album with a sunflower on the cover. As the years went on I continued to photograph every one and every thing. Anywhere I went, people were sure to see a small girl with white hair and turned-in feet running around snapping photos.

I now have a Bachelor's Degree in Photography from the University of Nevada, Reno with a minor in Journalism and I am pursuing my Photography dreams in Milan, Italy.

I have been fortunate to work in Reno alongside Peter Goin as a research assistant as well as intern at Johnstone Studios, and in San Francisco I was a Tabletop Photographer for The RealReal. These connections have helped me better understand both the fine art and commercial photography worlds. During my college experience I studied abroad twice in Viterbo, Italy through USAC. In that time I grew substantially as an artist and was inspired to pursue my passion.

My photographic style reflects my interest in Journalism and natural human behavior, I prefer capturing genuine moments of expression and my editing style is natural and realistic rather than highly stylized.

My creative work focuses on cultural critique and the human experience. Early in my photography education I explored my physical disabilities and ways to reflect on my past experiences. I soon began to develop projects such as Fear (2014), which illustrated a variety of ways different people experience the feeling of fear. Later that year I created a critique that addressed the objectification and abuse of women in advertising, The Woman in the Ad (2014) (due to sensitive materials of this project it is only viewable with a passcode). Most recently I explored mental illness and how it personally affects me through the series Anxiety and Other Creative Illnesses (2016). 

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