Fear is an integral part of the human experience. We all have felt fear in our lives. It can either cripple us, or push us to do better and overcome great challenges. It is not always easily defined or explained. Some fears are a result of experience, while others seem irrational. Sometimes it makes your heart race, you feel hot, panic and scream. Others make your blood run cold, they are deep-set and revolve around loss and failure. We all experience it in our own way, and it is unique to each person and each fear. This project aims to capture the essence of fear, its physical and emotional characteristics. It tells the stories of the individuals and illustrates their unique experiences with fear.

A huge thank you to all of my models for sharing their deepest fears with me and putting themselves through some emotional distress to make these photographs possible.


My fear is being taken by a tide, out into the open ocean.

I am scared of being trapped in an elevator. It has happened once before, I was on the fifth floor in a glass elevator. It was horrible. I'm afraid that the cables will snap and I will plummet to my death.

The one thing I am absolutely positive about in my life is that I want to have children. My fear is that the one thing about my life that I am 100% sure about is the one part I have no control over.

I always feel like there is someone standing outside of my house, looking in the windows, watching, waiting

I'm afraid of being kidnapped, thrown in a coffin, and buried alive.

I have never had a boyfriend, and I am afraid I will never find someone to grow old with… that the emptiness I feel will never be filled. I cannot help but think that maybe love doesn’t exist for everyone, and some people are just meant to be alone.

I’m afraid of being alone, when I see a group of co-workers or friends and I am walking into a social situation. I will sit in my car for long periods of time: afraid that if I try to join, I’ll be cast out and unwanted.

The movie “It” started the fear and it grew from there. They’re creepy and not funny in any form. No matter what, they always seem sadistic.

I am terrified of spiders. So itsy bitsy and running so fast over my skin that I can’t even see them or be able to kill them.

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